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About Ganachakra…

Ganachakra is a blog dedicated to exploring issues around the practice of Buddhism, especially as it relates to helping others.  Some of the topics that are touched on include Buddhist Chaplaincy, Chod, practice for others, sacred geography as well as exploration of meditation and ritual practice.  A ganachakra is a ritual gathering of like-minded people who practice together, make offerings together, and therefore make meaning together.

This blog can also be regarded an extension of fully engaged dharma practice- that could take the form of Buddhist practice and ritual for those who are sick, dying, or who have just passed away, an exploration of how we relate to the environment around (and within ourselves), as well as an honest exploration of what personally empowered practice looks like for a contemporary western vajrayana Buddhist.

With that said, I invite you to Ganachakra.  May any insight or benefit created from this blog be dedicated to all beings, seen and unseen!  Gewo.

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  1. Hugh Flint
    Jun 17 2011

    I am a Karma Kagyu practitioner and would like to participate in this site.

  2. Jonathan
    May 21 2013

    Really enjoy the blog, I’ve been looking around for your email and can’t find it. I read somewhere you were in Sikkim. I’m traveling there in July and would like the find a monastery I could practice at for a couple months. I’m unsure of how to go about this.


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